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Tips&Care: Stephania Suberosa

Suberosa in Thailand generally found on the mountain about 100 meters above sea level. The mountain between Thailand and Myanmar, mostly in Maehongsorn (the North of Thailand).


This made Suberosa a bit different from Erecta craib when you plant them. It's a specie of the easiest growing from Stephania family. I would say that indirect sunlight makes them grow well when you plant outdoor. It needs to be under shading to avoid rain and too strong sunbeam. In the other hand planting indoor required more light to grow leaves. This means need to be closed to window to receive about half day light will make it growing super crazy.



As found in deep forest on limestone among big trees. Thus they like shading light/indirect light and a bit more rich soil than erecta. Too strong sunlight can makes their leaves getting burnt but it will produce new leaves but if the bulb getting burnt, it could be dead. Be careful!!


Generally just prepare well drainage soil is enough.


I use my mixture of soil (see the post before in #inkcactitips) and add more 1part of peat moss/grinded coconut shell. So the mixture of this is,

🌱2 part of peat moss

🌱1 part of soil from Samanea saman leaves

🌱1 part of pumice

🌱1 part of vermiculite

🌱1 part of perlite


Before potting I put 1cm thick peat moss covering the surface of soil in the hole for faster produces rootings.


Or just mix 2 parts of normal soil + 1 part of river sand.p


The texture of bulb made them different from Erecta too. They have corky cracked of shell which their name comes from (in Thais means elephant's stomach). Some bulbs have deep nice cracked which very hard to find. As I have seen mostly of bulbs are in brown, rarely seen in white (this pic). Also the colour and shape of leaves, brown caudex has more deep green leaves than white one but both are in heart shape.



Watering when the soil is dry. And water until the water drop from bottom hole.💧

Suberosa grows naturally underground only the leaves come above. When it becomes more larger until some part is above the ground, the farmers dig it up and we will see the small sizes in the deep soil. So to get one Suberosa is quite difficult both large, medium, small sizes than Erecta that grows naturally in the rice pad.


Stephania Suberosa (บอระเพ็ดพุงช้าง)


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