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Tips&Care: Stephania Cepharantha Hayata

If you already owned Erecta, Suberosa and Nova, you shouldn't miss this out. It combines those 3 together. Roundly leaves, climbing vine and the red color on twigs are characteristic of this mountain caudex.

The caudex grown on the calcium stone in nature, for planting you can use the fit pot (1cm left around the bulb) and water twice a week or a bit bigger pot and water just once a week as below,

Pot size:

XS, Diameter 3cm: start with 5-7cm

S, Diameter 4cm: start with 6-8cm

S+, Diameter 5cm: start with 7-9cm

M, Diametr 6-7cm: start with 4"-4.5"

It is one of easily caring same as Erecta and Suberosa just prepare wire to support the vines.



I use the same media I plant Suberosa

🌿 3 peat

🌿 1 vermiculite

🌿 1 perlite

🌿 1 pumice (the smallest)

And yes you can use the cactus soil too.


Same as other Stephania, it requires sunlight for getting big leaves and to get the red color on the vines too. Sunlight is very important for growing leaves and after got the leaves the roots will continue growing that is the simple process for caudex plants. This easily growing caudex really like the morning sunshine that will grow faster both leaves and rootings. Also to prevent getting rotten too. If your bulb is soft that means it is rotten and mostly is from not enough sunlight. Planting indoor need to place very closed to the window or get the semi-outdoor by put at your terrace where has some roof/shading covers it. The signal of no leaves or very tiny size with long sprout means not enough sunlight....just move it and trim the long twigs.



If you plant in the fit pot, you can water twice a week. For normal pot has space at least 1.5cm around bulb can water once a week.



I never mist them because when I water, I water the whole plant including leaves, bulb and soil. Then let the natural ewind blows it and gets dry in an hour. I use squeezed bottle or small showers with plastic bottle to water it.


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Mercedes McVey
Mercedes McVey
08 de nov. de 2023

Thank you! very helpful. I would like to know how many are there of Stephania plant, different types?

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