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How to take care of your bulb during winter season

This is for the bulb that,

🌿 got leaves for 4-6 months ago

🌿 dormant bulb without roots

My bulb already got leaves about 4-5 months since May and now they are in yellowish. So I cut the twig by left 1-2" long on bulb.

Mostly of the skin got dirty from mineral from watering. I use a make up remover to clean it with cotton to bring back in brown again and wash with tap water. Then rest it till gets dry.

Remain all main roots like that for easily absorbing moist from soil. Without leaves the roots is very important to make it getting firm. Prepare bigger pot having space 1.5" -2" around the bulb.

I use pumice and coconut chips for the bottom level of pot. Both allows the water pass through easily and prevent flooding inside the pot from over watering. Coconut chips will absorb water and giving the moist back to soil after. Giving moist at bottom will stimulate plants growing faster roots. But don't put too much if you live in cold can be easily get rotten or mold from too wet. (before use the coconut chips please put it in Captan. It helps to prevent the moldy)

Then fill soil half pot and put the bulb at center...push a bit for bury it in soil. Make sure that whole bulb will be under soil by see it from the side and can't see any part of it above pot.

Fill up all soil in and top with some gravels. Then water it and place where receive slightly sunlight.

Q: Do I need go water it during this?

A: Yes, please water it as usual. The plants still need water to survive and get firm.

Q: Does sunlight necessary for this period?

A: Yes, sunlight helps soil getting dry, sterilized and make it awoke.

Hope you all will get the idea to make your bulb stays healthy and firmly during this coming winter😊. In Thailand is always warm so my bulb doesn't have time to rest and it begins sprouting again after 2 weeks.

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