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The mature leaf of Stephania Erecta Craib

Do you see the difference between these photos?

The red color at the rim of the leaf always comes after your leaf received enough sunlight for a shown that your leaf is already maximize the biggest size and getting mature too.

About 3-4 months later your leaves will get older, yellowish and dry. So you cut the twigs, left only 1-2" with couple nodes on it for growing new sprouts.

To cut it may need your totally understand 😅

Once it already sprouting, it will be continuing growing. Just keep watering as usual schedule, keep it in warm climate and you will get greenery sprouts whole year.

This happens to all Stephania plants also Dioscorea too. Every 3-4 months I cut the whole leaves and let them grow new freshly ☺️🥰

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1 Comment

Ash Wu
Ash Wu
Aug 15, 2021

Hi! Does that mean that given sufficient sunlight, all Erecta leaves will be red rimmed?

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