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Tips&Care: Amorphophallus atroviridis

With the deep dark color of the leaves making it more stylish and interesting plants. Last year I planted 1cm bulb and the size of plants were very adorable in small pot but with small bulb it wasn't last long...just about a year and bulb get shrunk after leaves gone and never grown the second sprout.

So this year bring it back in bigger size to get stronger and ever after with you.


In Thailand found on the mountain about 100+ above the is seasoning plants because we found them from notice the leaves above the ground.



After got the baby leaves it requires much sunlight to get darker color otherwise your leaves will be in light green.



Recommend deeper pot; ratio between diameter:height is 1:1.5 or 2, with size,

- diameter 2.5-3" for 1 cm bulb

- diameter 3.5"-4" for 1.5x 2cm bulb

- diameter 5" for 2.5×3 cm bulb



🌱 1 part of peat moss

🌱 2 part of soil from Samanea Salman's leaves (this plant is in Family Leguminosae which its leaves contain Nitrogen which plants need to grow) or can add one more part of peat instead

🌱 1 part of vermiculite

🌱 1 part of pumice (smallest size)

🌱 1 part of perlite for making air gap for the mixture



After finish planting please do the first watering. Then keep watering about once a week.


After the leaves got yellow please cuties at 1" above soil level. Then still need to water it as usual to get new sprouting.


If you live in cold area where the temperature is dropped during winter, please keep it underground and water it as usual same routine. But if less sunlight to get the soil dry, you can water once in 2 weeks or checking your soil before watering to avoid rotten bulb underground.


Without leaves it still has roots to absorb moist in soil to get firm.


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