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How to plant your Caudex

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

It can use for all Stephania plants and most of caudex plants. Before planting you should have;

🌱mix of well drainage soil

🌱some pumice or pebbles for bottom of pot

🌱pebbles for top gracing

🌱spray bottle (if have)

🌱pot which has drainage hole

🌱your bulb, of course :)

1. Put some pumice at the bottom of pot.

2. Fill in pumices about 1/3 of pot or 1cm.

3. Use spray bottle spray water over the soil to make humidity in the mixture getting dampwet but not damp.

4. You will see the soil before spraying

5. And after spraying

6. After spraying, mix the soil together

7. Put soil into the pot

8. Put some osmocote 13-13-13

9. Just not much depends on a pot (normally about a teaspoon)

10. Then put the bulb into the soil, about half of it should buried underground

11. Top with bubbles


This is for new plants, I will make the soil more moisture before planting or put the bulb in to it.


Then I will let the bulb/plants adapts to the new climate/environmental while still have some moisture for rooting underneath.


After a week, I will water it (before watering, I will check the humidity underground by using toothpick dip deep into the soil and pull up. If there is nothing stick at the toothpick, it's time to watering:)


When watering, we should water until you see the water drop from drainage hole of pot for a while. That is the signal that all mixture get enough humidity. Do like this for a month then you will find the right watering day for your plants🌱.


Some plants can water once a week but in some places are twice a month or twice a week that depends on local environmental in your place and the mixture of your soil too. 😊



These are some tiny tips for planting large bulb/plants in the large pot and also tiny tips to get the first sprout/stem/leaf🌱 Also for Stephania Nova.


The first tips of bottom pebbles:

For the large pot, I use big size of pumice (SSS size) to make the air gap at bottom. The pumice should be 1/3 of your pot.


Then I will use a bit smaller size (02 size) to fill the first layer of air gap before putting soil in. This will prevent the soil get through out of the drainage hole when watering.



The second tips for getting more faster the first sprout/stem/leaf:

After put some soil in pot and let the height of soil about 1" below from the edge. (pic no.4)


Then I will put some peat moss about 1cm. thick over it (pic no.5)


Using spray bottle sprays water over the peat moss (pic no.6) to make it more humidity as seen in pic no. 7


Making a hole if your bulb is big or you can push the bulb into the soil. Peat moss should cover thin layer over the hole too. Peat moss will absorb the moisture when watering and slowly release them into soil which will make the bulb produce some roots faster.


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