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Lightweight Pot: Stone story [M]

Lightweight Pot: Stone story [M]

SKU: 200604_M1

**Inkcacti x local artist**


'Stone story' Yes...we can call as stone, it made from light weight brick though. The lightweight material common use in the construction as a lightweight brick. It is a smart material nowsaday with very light from tiny air holes inside make itself similar to sponge but very strong enough to use as wall material in the building.


I'm very familiar with this material from construction business and I was surprised the first time I knew it made from this brick. I had some conversation with the owner and knew his background was an interior contractor. I had no doubt at last about the smart he is with the simply design and detailing of product. I would say I found him mid of last year in a small event and continuing bought all sizes of his work:) I'm a big fan!! Also I always bought a nice pot to match with my plants and took photos to sell in Inkcacti shop too. Many buyers bought my plants and asked about this pot. I did gave contact to them but es it is quite difficult for the local artist to manage many international orders.


Today I contact with the artist and order for international buyer to have the wonderful product from our talent local artist which I always say I'm very proud to be Thai:) Hope you enjoy with the clean design and well ventilation benefit for the roots of your lovely plants. I plant with the desert plants/orchid/cacti/caudex/Ceropegia succulents. All are well growing now:)

What you will get:
• Stone story pot with drainage hole as your selection

• Tracking number included (Due to the product weight and shipping cost in each areas are different. The shipping cost will calculate by country where shipping to)


    • Plant is shipped with Phytosanitary certificate including in price purchased.

    • Plants are shipped with buyer's risk. All packages are prepared and packed in the best way but if any damages occur from the transit or your customs, it is beyond our responsibility and cannot get any refund in this case. Please inform that each customs has rights to open and investigate all packages before ship to receiver.

    • According to Phytosanitary document processing, our shop has 3 shipping days/month.  Packages will be prepared and shipped out within 3-7 business days after purchasing. All buyers will receive confirm message informed shipping day of your order.

    • Please recheck your filling shipment address is correctly before purchasing. Package will ship to receiver address as shown in system. Buyer may take responsibility on missing or incorrectly address if package is return to seller.

    • All parcels are checked as gift and showing lower cost in CN22 declaration for EUregions at side of parcel to help buyer avoid paying importing TAX/VAT and it is buyer's responsibility to pay for your importing TAX if your customs send you noticed.

    • Shipping by THAILAND POST with register airmail package providing tracking number and will take 15-20 business days for standard shipping and 3-5 business days for express shipping. Please informed that period of delivery doesn't including the clearance in your customs.

    • Exporting plant with Phytosanitary certificate may take time more than a day if the plants don't pass international exporting standard at Plant Quarantine office. Buyer will inform if shipping date is delay from longer investigation, asking more pest for any plants, asking more cleaning some soil of lot from office in Plants Quarantine.



    According to NPPO, all live plants required Phytosanitary certificate from originally country to import into any countries including Thailand. We apologize to refuse all return packages without phytosanitary document. However exceptional refused package by destination customs, overdue pick-up package at destination will be automatically return to seller.


    • We understand and appreciate for cancellation any order in 24 hrs after purchasing with fully refundable.

    • However buyer will receive message to confirm a date of shipment with in 2 days after purchasing. If plant doesn't be prepared to ship, investigate process at Plant Quarantine Office, we are available offering your cancelled order with a fully refund.

    • Refundable will be return to your original method term of payment when you purchased.


    • Buyer can submit full photos of outside package and plants when arriving in case they are arrived in bad condition/dead and you need refundable. Please be informed that only some part of plants or box doesn't acceptable for refunding.

    • However if plant is died or rot in the box after receive within 3 days, please take the photos and submit to us via chat. We will send you the replacement (if we still have the same in stocking) or refund a plant cost. Please note that refundable will be substract the shipping cost off.

    • Variegated color on leaves especially white/creamy color can get burnt naturally and sometime heating in box from long travel depends on heat and temperature in your local area and where customs collects the package. If it gets burnt less than 30% of leaves or loose a leaf, the plant's still fine to grow. It is naturally for pure white/creamy variegated which buyer may understand and acceptance that will not receive refundable from this case. If you cannot accept this situation maybe the plants from the shop not match to you.

    • Please be aware of laws and regulations of your country regarding importation of plant materials as we will not be responsible for any items confiscated at your customs. For any items lost in transit please contact us via chat from website only. You will received fully refund from us.


             S1 POT, SIZE:       13cm tall, Diameter 17.5cm

                                                   (Internal Diameter 13cm)

                       WEIGHT:    1.25KG


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