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Tips to get sprout of Stephania Erecta Craib!!

There are many questions asking about..misting, planting in lekas would help or good for caring it? . 🤔🤔🤔 I think over it and look at the baskets I keep all bulbs. 🤨🤨 . Well, from my experience...little experience I noticed by myself...many bulbs got sprout without planting. And in nature all will grow leaves in May or after receive the first raining of the year. Even they are from the tropical climate actually in nature they grow in a bit dry climate, about 120-400m above sea level, sandy soil and not all year got raining. That is the caudex plant they keep the nutrients in itself and grow roots to absorb humid from soil. . If you understand the nature of the plants, you just create the environmental in your place to plant it as house plants.

So I would say to get stem actually need only 3 things, - warm temperature above 25-28C/77-80F - humid - slightly sunlight . All are main keys to get stems, once temperature is getting warmer with fully humid received you will see the tiny green. Giving humid to the center of bulb need time. Larger bulbs take longer period than the small one because of the distance to the center is more. I gave instruction to my buyers by planting about 2/3 in the soil so the surface of bulb can gain more humid from soil and get sprout faster. . The sunlight is another helping to make it woke up faster. Do you need much light? Actually just a little bit is fine. You can put behind the blind to avoid too strongly sunlight. When you've got sprout about 1" tall, just move closer to the window or just at windowsill. This plants require more sunlight to grow full leaves if compare to Aroid plants. . Misting in the beginning..yes.. you can if your place has wind breezing and the skin can get dry in an hour. Otherwise the skin could peeled off and got moldy. . Planting in lekas, it might be too damp and can caused rotten. Just plant it in the soil as recommended and give humid by water it that is enough . If you live in cold climate, putting in plastic bag, glass dome will help getting warmer too . #inkcactierectatips #inkcactimistingerectatips #inkcactitips #stephaniaerecta #erecta #housplanttips #caudex #bulb #plantcaretips #plantcare

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