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Tips&Care:Stephania Venosa

Venosa is one of Unique caudex, it is rarely to find and found on mountain in deep forest of North-west of Thailand same as Suberosa.


When I first saw their leaves and flowers, i felt like Autumn was here with red brown of leaves and orange-brown color of flowers are so special and nice.


Bloody sap is another signature of this caudex as Thais Name means bloody hut. If you own one, just cut a vine and you will see its blood.


Same as another Stephania spp. It doesn't like too strong sun. Please plant in bright area, its climbing vine will grow crazy.



Generally just prepare well drainage soil is enough.


I use my mixture of soil (see the post before in#inkcactitips) and add more 1part of peat moss/grinded coconut shell. So the mixture of this is,

🌱2 part of peat moss

🌱1 part of soil from Samanea saman leaves

🌱1 part of pumice

🌱1 part of vermiculite

🌱1 part of perlite


Before potting I put 1cm thick peat moss covering the surface of soil in the hole for faster produces rootings.


Or just mix 2 parts of normal soil + 1 part of river sand



Watering when the soil is dry. And water until the water drop from bottom hole.💧


Venosa leaves seem like grape's leaf but different color. The spring time of flowers is on June-September, you will see blooming flowers on vines after that the tiny leaves will come. Also dormant period in Thailand is Summer time on mid of February-mid of May. All leaves and teig will dried on caudex. You can cut all dried off and wait until Spring. It will grow new stem.


Stephania Venosa (กระท่อมเลือด)


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