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Tips & care: Stephania Nova

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Nova in Thailand naturally found on the Tanaowasri mountain where inbetween Thailand and Myanmar, also in Maehongsorn (the North of Thailand) same as Suberosa but more rarely to be seen. Some hunters said 'started walking from 5am in early morning for area of 5 km and end with nothing'.



As found at limestone cliff, thus they can grow in strongly sunlight but too strong leaves can get damages and burnt. Receiving indirectly light and grow in very rich soil than another Stephania but still well drainage. Too strong sunlight can makes their leaves getting burnt but it will produce new leaves. If a bulb gets burnt, it could be dry and finally dead. Be careful!!



Generally just prepare well drainage soil or using cactus soil and add peat moss in ratio 1:2 is enough.


My mixture is (see the post before in#inkcactitips) and add more 1-2 parts of peat moss/grinded coconut shell and 1 part of soil from earthworms. So the mixture of this is,

🌱2 parts of peat moss

🌱1 part of soil from Samanea saman leaves

🌱 1 part of soil from earthworms

🌱1 part of pumice

🌱1 part of vermiculite

🌱1 part of perlite


Note: soil from earthworms contains many nutrients and made the soil more cool (I ment the temperature in the soil not that cool😆).


Before potting I put 1" thick peat moss covering the surface of soil in the hole for faster produces rootings and made more cool and moist in the soil.


Or just mix 2 parts of normal soil + 1 part of river sand.



Watering when the soil is dry. And water until the water drop from bottom hole.💧


Growing where the climate is cool (25C) and having much humidity in the air. Thus easy to plant Nova inside the house and also easy to take care. Please don't need water much about 1-2 times per week is fine. Overwatering will be caused fallen leaf and rot too. In dry climate, you can mist in the air (above the plant, avoid directly to it) about 2-3 times a week to gain more humidity in the air but not necessary to do everydays.


The colour of round leaves and its caudex made this plant more stand out from others. I would say that the grey-blue-green just mix in properly proportion to get this unique green growing on wooden caudex seems like lotus on the tree for me.


For planting, after filled the medium in please bedding with the pumice (provided in the package) before bury caudex. It will help pruning faster roots and avoid rotten. Then you can top with gravel/lecas or any.

Stephania Nova (บัวบกผา)


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Mercedes McVey
Mercedes McVey
Nov 08, 2023

How many types of this plant are there (Stephania)? Erectus, and Cepharantha Hayata, and Nova? are these 3 different plants? do they need different care?

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