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Tips&Care: Sinningia leucotricha

The silver-white furry foliage makes all fall in love with this cute succulents. ❤ I did some researches and found originally is from Brazil.

Planting sinningia from the tuber needs a lot of patience for waiting. The plants need time to get sprouting. It gets rotten easily if too often watering before it has mature leaves and well rooting.



Before get sprouting, I put it under the table next to the full-height window. Allow it receiving not too much strong light. After got sprouting and has baby leaves, I move up to get more light for growing the full leaves. You can notice that large leaves means enough light and the long twig with tiny leaves means too less.



Better go with the deeper one having the same diameter and height. For the diameter of pot = Plant's diameter+ 1.5"

For example if the plant is 3cm (1.2") the pot should be at least 2.7" or 3" the good size will contain enough volume of soil and keeping moist for a week.



Ideally should water once a week. Together getting enough light and ventilation to make your soil get dry in a week too. Avoid using spray bottles or water a little. Please water until the water drop from drainage hole for a whileee~~slowly count 1-5

Mixture of soil:

It is very easy. You can use cactus soil. It likes well drainage soil but rich. My recipe is,

🌱 3 peat

🌱 1 perlite

🌱 1 vermiculite

🌱 1 pumice

🌱 1 dry leaves


My mefia quite light and well drainage that will easily grow well roots for tuber. And will be in time to water once a week. You can also use your indoor soil : sand/perlite (1:1)

Exposed 1/3 of bulb helps it gets fast sprouting. You'll get full leaves in a month

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Janet Chung
Janet Chung
Aug 04, 2022

Thanks for the info above but I have few questions to ask.

  1. How about type of fertilizer & regularity?

  2. How to make it sprout more branches? Mine has only 1 branch but very healthy.

Aug 04, 2022
Replying to
  1. I use tablet fertilizer with NPK 13/13/13. It's convenient for me that tablets will remain for 2-3 months. So I just put once planting then next in 3 months after.

  2. I believe size of pot and the sunlight it received are important to get bigger bulb and also more sprouts.

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