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Tips&care: Firmiana colorata

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It is found in India, Thailand and South East Asia in Malay Peninsula at an attitude of 300-1,400M. The tree can be upto 25m high. And has reddish orange or brown flower during March-November.


Easy and fast growing both leaves and roots


Moderate water. I give every 2-3 days because plant in a bit small pot. If you can left 1"-2" around caudex, you can water once a week.



As naturally found on rock so preparing well-drained soil is perfect. I use same mixture as Stephania erecta to grow this plant. And put some peat on top before planting for easy growing roots.

🌱3 parts of peat moss

🌱1 part of perlite

🌱1 part of vermiculite

🌱2 parts of pumice


In beginning before having leaves. Please avoid strongly sunlight. It needs indirectly sunlight to grow stems. After get some leaves about 1/2" size can put in full sun. The sunlight will activate plants growing roots and leaves faster. Having more light you will get bigger leaves and full brunch in couple weeks.


The characteristic of leaves make many people in love with this plants.. looks similar to mini maple tree and a bit curvy. Also its caudiciform is cute and have in many sizes to collect. It will give your place greenery likes little tree even it is just small and little caudex.

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