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Tips & care: Dioscorea elephantipes

We could count this into succulents plants. It contains nutrients in bulb using when get into dormancy. If you ever plan Stephania plants before this one is the same caring. Less caring!!


It is one of my favorite caudex from its texture of cracking and heart shaped climbing leaves. That means the supporting wire required for this plant to make the it grow the full leaves.

Light: ☀️☀️☀️☀️🌑 very bright (4/5)

Need to place closed to window for growing leaves otherwise it will has long sprout without leaves. Please make sure that your window dosen't receive directly sunbeam in the afternoon. The strongly sunbeam will damage caudex and make it shrunk.

Watering: 💧💧 less (2/5)

Not much required watering in a week. Depends on climate in your room and size of caudex too. Generally small size 3-4cm diameter may need watering 2 times a week. But for a big caudex about 7cm diameter up need once a week.


Generally just prepare well drainage soil and not contain too much peat moss. Or you can use cactus or succulents soil too.


My mixture is,

🌱2 part of peat moss

🌱1 part of soil from Samanea saman leaves/dry leaves

🌱1 part of pumice

🌱1 part of vermiculite

🌱1 part of perlite


Before potting I put 1cm thick peat moss covering the surface of soil in the hole for faster produces rootings.


Or just mix 2 parts of normal indoor soil + 1 part of river sand.



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