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How to plant: Amorphophallus atroviridis

This is very simply and easily caring plant. Please begin with planting the top side up😂


🌱soil, can use cactus soil or the soil of stephania erecta.

🌱river pebbles/clay pebbles/lekas

🌱a pot with drainage hole. Recommend to use deeper pot (diameter:height, 1:1.5 or 2)


🌱your bulb 😊

1️⃣ bottom with pumice to prevent the flooding inside the pot.

2️⃣ - 3️⃣ fill the soil about half pot.

4️⃣ bury your bulb at the center and plant the top side up ( there is a node on this side). You can plant 2-3 bulbs in a pot just left some spaces between each other. I accidentally broke it into 2 pieces 😅 so I got 2 bulbs...hopefully both will sprout.

5️⃣ fill soil till top of pot. Leaving about 1cm from the edges.

6️⃣ - 7️⃣ then finish with the pebbles a thin layer.

8️⃣ and water...slowlyyy~~~from the edge into center...repeat it in circles until the water drop from drainage hole and count 1-10 in your mind then stop watering.

9️⃣ I put under the shelf next to full height window for receiving the slightly sunlight. And should have a saucer under your pot not only for receiving water from watering but also for giving enough humid to get sprouting easily and faster.


If your home is colder than 25C/77-78C, putting in a large plastic bag or transparent box is a good idea for getting faster sprout too.


It takes about 1-2 months to see sth growing up above soil. (Mine took about a month)


After got baby leaves, you can move up to the top of table to get more sunlight. And enjoy the planting time!!

The last pic is mine plant with baby leaves that took about a month😊

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