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Easy way to recheck when your bulb need water again?

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Simple way finding 'watering schedule'of your caudex/bulb/cactus/euphorbia: Watering schedule of your plants and other people may not be the same. It depends on many criteria; mixture, climate, humidity, sunlight, ventilation, pot size, material of pot and your plant. The easy way I suggest is find some toothpick. We will use this to check humidity in mixture. This method can use for bulb/caudex/cactus/euphorbia. First put your toothpick deep into mixtuce and pull up. If you see something stick on it that's signal means not yet need watering. But if see nothing, you should water then. In the first month, please repeat doing every 3-4 days checking it. After a month you will find the right schedule of your plant in your place. Noted the period in each seasons may change your watering schedule, Winter time can be waiting a bit longer than Summer. So just recheck with your magic toothpick. 😊 Ideally is doing anything that allow your mixture get completely dry in a week and you will water it once a week. If not that means you should mix some perlite in it or bring to outside to get some wind once a week for well ventilation or change to clay pot to get more ventilation in mixture or maybe your pot is too big. The key must be one of them I mentioned to solve your problems. Avoid over watering and water on bulb if it doesn't get sprouts yet. Many buyers get some mold on its skin caused from not enough ventilation to get dry, not enough indirect sunlight, too much humidity in the air. So I suggest to water directly into mixture around your bulb. That means your pot size should have gap around your bulb at least 1cm. wide. Hope this can help everyone to find the right schedule of your bulb especially Stephania erecta Craib:)

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