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Why my 'Stephania plant' has no leaves only long sprout?

Getting sprout takes time and growing leaves also... Many buyers successful getting sprout but the next problem is it has very long sprout without any leaves or very tiny leaves. This is solutions! The long sprout comes from lack of indirect sunlight. Firstly it really needs light to grow leaf. Please bring it closed to window or brighter area. Many buyers ask me what is the meaning of not too strong sunbeam/sunlight...if you stand where has sunbeam in your room and you feel hot or burning on your skin that is too strong. Mostly is from window facing West side in the afternoon...if your window facing west please bring it about 10/20 cm far away. And what is too dark...too dark you may notice from the very tiny leaves or a room/area that you need to switch on lighting when you write something or having shadow when you swipe your hand that is too dark for plant. Secondly, after got long sprout...we may need to cut it off to grow new twigs. The new twigs will grow from stems/nodes below cutting. This is exciting moment!!🤩🤩🤩 you can create brunches from cutting of your sprout!! And also the length you want...the photo below showing where I cut my sprout and the 2 twigs are growing from stems/nodes below my cutting. Generally the first new twig grows below cutting. If you want it has a short branch, please leave only 2-3 stems/nodes below your cutting. When it grow many leaves from new may grow a new twig from node where closer to the bulb.

This tips can use for all Stephania plants and hope you enjoy cutting long sprout and don't worry when you get no leaves..we can fix it!!:)

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